Satisfying Taste Buds With Mouthwatering ‘Momos’

We all need some snacks once in a while, the healthier the better. When it comes to momos, it is difficult to stop yourself from indulging in. Well! Can’t help it, momos it is.. the most intriguing part is the sauce or chutney that comes with it. In many places, this authentic food is served with mayonnaise combined with red chilli and tomato sauce. Trust me, the taste is unforgettable and it will keep on reminding you of the same every time you smell similar flavour. (Yep, smell is connected to memory)

Last year, during this time in January first week, every evening I used to have momos just after office hours. It was such a pleasure for me as I was all alone but really content. I was keeping a low profile for quite sometime and I guess it turned out to be a great experience. It was really satisfying to have a plate full of momos almost everyday. So, I was obsessed with this street snack and decided to make it at my flat one day. And, it was a success to my surprise. God, I was so happy that it turned out amazing, delicious and tender just like market ones.

To be honest, the process is a bit lengthy as you have to prepare dough from all purpose flour. Then, comes the making of fillings that needs to be stuffed inside before shaping it. You can choose some easily cooked vegetables like cabbage, carrot, capsicum, cottage cheese or even chicken.

All you have to do is cook your favourite veggies with black pepper, salt and some green chillies if you like. Moving on to the rolling part, take small portion of dough and roll a thin sheet out of it. Place some prepared stuffings and seal the opening carefully. Now, this is your momo ready to be steamed. Similarly, make all or as much as you want and steam it for 15 minutes. And, there you go! Serve it with white or red sauce.

This is what I made and described the process I followed. Hope who ever is reading this, try out this at home and enjoy their evening.

Happy new year 2021,🥳

Momos with chilli sauce

Beach please!!!! Let me have some sunshine 🌞

Ooh la la

Once in a while we all need some break from our hectic schedule and breathe clean air. I am saying this as we all have been under a lot of pressure from work and personal space as well. So, planning a vacation for yourself or with loved ones is not a bad idea at all. Actually, three years ago I followed this routine of extra hours and finally decided to take a break.

Further, the place I decided to visit was Goa, a small state in India which is densely diversed as the country itself. The main reason I selected this beautiful place was beaches. Yes, this was enough for me to draw in as I love shores and waves touching my feet when walking on the sand. All those internal fantasies began to roll as I reached. Undeniably, the area is all green and lushy which makes it even more attractive. Besides, this is tourist-centric location so you get to meet a lot of people from all over the globe. Believe me, this is the best opportunity to interact with other people as you all can explore together.

In my case, I happen to meet some really great individuals on this trip that made my vacation sorted. Apparently, the first thing I did was visiting the beach area, removed my sandles and directly jumped into the satly water. Of course I clicked good few dry moments before getting dreanched and saved it later for instagram 😁. Oh! I don’t want to get out from here tantrums started from my end that actually sounded weird. But, I had my part of fun to the fullest that eliminated the tension & pressure from my mind. Also, that solo silent walk on the beach was spectacular experience I can never get in the metropolitan cities.

Honestly, I didn’t want the day to get over because I was not ready to get over with the day. But, yes it ends eventually and turning back to respective rooms with memories of cool breeze, beach, sunshine and tan as well.

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